Top 7 Best Headphones under $50

Top 7 Best Headphones under $50

In 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the best headphones under $50 that you should consider purchasing.

You’ll discover the best noise-canceling, true wireless, bassy, on-ear, and wired headphones under $50.

Without further ado, these are the best affordable headphones available.

Top 7 Best Headphones under $50

  1. Best Overall: Anker Soundcore Life Q20
  2. Runner-up: Audio-Technica ATH-M20x
  3. Best noise cancelling:TaoTronics TT-BH090
  4. Best true wireless: SoundPEATS Sonic
  5. True wireless alternative: Anker Soundcore Life A1
  6. Best In-Ear: SoundMAGIC E10
  7. Best for bassheads: Skullcandy Hesh 2

The Best Headphones under $50

1. Anker Soundcore Life Q20


These offer a more L-shaped sound profile, with plenty of bass while keeping the middle and treble clean.

While these aren’t suitable for use as studio headphones, they can significantly reduce background noise.

Under $50, they have one of the best active noise cancelling technologies. Higher frequencies are still difficult to eradicate, but it performs a fair job overall.

Even in congested places, four built-in microphones can effortlessly isolate your voice for good call quality. If you ever need to put your headphones in a backpack, the ear cups can swivel 90 degrees and fold up to save room.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Intuitive controls
  • Average ANC
  • No app for customization
  • No multipoint pairing

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2. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x


Their audio quality is above average, as previously stated (for the cost). The colours are deep and warm. The frequency ranges are fairly balanced, with the bass and mids slightly boosted. They’re crystal clear, which makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

To begin with, their exceptional build quality and lightweight casing make them extremely pleasant to wear (even with glasses).

With the adjustable headband, you can simply find your size, and they even fit huge heads. They also last a long time, so it’s a good investment.

In the studio, the ATH-M20x over-the-ear headphones are ideal for mixing recordings. The audio signature is superior than the norm (in the category).

  • One of the most neutral sounding closed backs out there
  • Great value
  • Improved sub-bass extension
  • The mid-range dips and high frequency boost ironed out
  • No detachable cable
  • Comfort could be better

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3. TaoTronics TT-BH090


These offer a pleasant, warm, and smooth tone. When the tune calls for it, the bass goes deep and adds a little of rumbling.

These Bluetooth headphones provide excellent active noise cancelling for a low price. They don’t block as much background noise as the greatest noise cancelling headphones, but for the price, they’re rather good.

They have a large battery that may last up to 35 hours on a single charge. You can get an extra 2 hours of battery life with just 5 minutes of rapid charging and wired listening via a 3.5mm headphone port.

Expect long-lasting comfort with memory foam inside the plush earpads.

  • High sound quality with nice crispness.
  • Sound canceling can be turned on and off.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Very long battery life.
  • ANC seems to work well and offers a noticable difference in audio quality.
  • Not much innovation.
  • Won’t fit over the largest heads.
  • A little “cheap” feeling – made from plastic.

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4. SoundPEATS Sonic


The Sonic’s sound signature is U-shaped, which means it has more sub-bass and treble. While the bass might be powerful, it only displays it when provoked. The rest appears to be fairly natural.

Earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your ears. They’re also extremely stable, so they’re suitable for both exercises and outdoor activities.

They have an IPX5 water resistance certification, which means they can withstand severe sweating and mild water splashes.

If you’re concerned about earbud batteries failing unexpectedly, the Sonic boast a battery life of almost 14 hours. The charging case has an additional 20 hours of battery life, allowing you to listen for longer periods of time.

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Very low latency
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 connection
  • Touch controls could be improved
  • Limited water-resistance

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5. Anker Soundcore Life A1


The Life A1 has a nice melodic sound characteristic for under $50, with natural mids but enhanced bass and highs. The sound test is included in our comprehensive evaluation.

The housing has no sharp edges and fits snugly inside your ears. Ear wings allow you to wear earphones while sporting activities such as aerobics or running.

Furthermore, the Life A1 provides dependable Bluetooth communication with a wide range of coverage. Earbuds should not stutter if you wear them around the house.

Finally, give them an IPX7 designation, which means they’re completely waterproof. While you shouldn’t wear them in the water, you shouldn’t be frightened to wash them.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX7 waterproof rating (downpour, shower, and sweat resistance)
  • Long playtime: 8-hours on a single charge earbuds and up to 35-hours with charging case
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Secure fit with five selectable ear tips and three of differents size of ear wings
  • Great Sound! Good price!
  • The call quality should better

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6. SoundMAGIC E10

SoundMAGIC E10

The sound is perfectly balanced and has a lot of clarity. Don’t anticipate a punchy, powerful bass. Instead, you get gushing tones that elevate every piece of music. One of the greatest earphones under $50 is this pair (if you consider their cost, of course).

If you’re seeking for the best cheap earbuds under $50 that are durable and offer good audio quality, these are the ones to get.

The metal frame is what gives them a premium feel. Lightweight, high-quality ear tips provide an airtight seal inside the ear canal, resulting in superior external noise isolation and adequate volume.

Soundmagic is one of those headphone companies that can satisfy even the most discerning listener. The E10 in-ear headphones offer excellent comfort and a pleasing frequency response, making them one of the best in-ear headphones available for under $50.

  • Great sound and audio clarity
  • Price
  • 7 sets of ear adaptors
  • Nice storage case
  • Mid range lacks a little punch
  • The stiff cable can tangle in storage

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7. Skullcandy Hesh 2


There is plenty of bass in terms of quantity. It is so powerful that it occasionally loses control.

The mids, on the other hand, remain quite clear, while the highs are beautiful and dazzling. Check out the greatest bass headphones for something similar.

Despite the fact that they are largely made of plastic, they appear to be fairly durable. They can even withstand a little tossing around. The substantial foam filling in the pleather pads gives adequate comfort.

The passive noise isolation on them is rather good. You can still listen to your music without distractions from the outside world.

The 15-hour battery life should be sufficient for the entire day.

  • Low price for wireless headphones
  • An easy listen
  • Slow and sloppy bass
  • Soft treble and midrange have little detail

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Are 50-Dollar Headphones a Good Investment?

They are, indeed. You can expect a high-quality build and pleasurable sound that will offer you a taste of what more expensive, premium models can achieve.

You may expect decent noise cancellation and some useful features like quick charging, Qi wireless charging, aptX Bluetooth codec, and a foldable headphone chassis for simple storage with inexpensive headphones under $50.

You’ll just have to spend more money if you want the most up-to-date technologies.

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