Soundmagic E10 Headphone Review 2022

Soundmagic E10 Headphone Review 2022

Despite its modest price, the Soundmagic E10 comes with a number of useful extras. A carrying pouch and seven pairs of eartips are included in the box, in addition to the earphones.

The earbuds themselves are well-made, featuring a 4-foot (1.2-meter) heavy-duty wire that terminates in a normal 3.5 mm connector. The low-profile design gets lost in my large, radar-dish ears, but Soundmagic deserves a lot of credit for putting such a good driver into such a compact space.

However, the E10’s overall design is inconspicuous, and it’s all too easy to dismiss it as just another chi-fi earphone. That, however, is not the case.

Let’s have a look at some of the elements that make these cans so appealing:

Soundmagic E10 Headphone Performance

Soundmagic E10 Headphone Performance

The sound quality is very exceptional, thanks to the strong construction and excellent fit. The E10 earphones provide a deep, rich bass that has a substantial weight to it. The treble is light and airy, giving the impression of a lot of room. The mids are crisp and precise, albeit a tad narrow in sound. With the mids set this way, the vocals stand out more clearly and the entire sound character has a more Hi-Fi feel to it.

The overall balance is excellent, and they present a lot of information. They also have a lot of loudness – possibly a little more than identical in-ear headphones from other brands. At this budget, the auditory detail that these deliver is just remarkable — no other earphones in this price range can match it.

Soundmagic E10 Headphone Design

Soundmagic E10 Headphone Design

The box is composed of high-quality materials, and the packaging is simple but attractive. Everything is well-packaged and protected on the inside, albeit one of the silicon ear adaptors was flattened. This has since partially regained its shape and is workable – although with the quantity of adaptors included, this wasn’t a problem in the first place.

The earpieces themselves are made from a single solid piece of aluminium that is anodized in a variety of brilliant colours and comes with a matching wire. This structure makes the earpieces extremely durable and provides the speakers with a rock-solid platform from which to perform. Even the cable split junction is protected by a metal cover, guaranteeing that this often ignored weak location can survive regular use.

When not in use, the accompanying cable clip will keep the earbuds from being ripped out, and the provided hard case will keep them safe and tangle-free when not in use.

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Soundmagic E10 Headphone Value

What a treat these SoundMagic in-ear headphones are. To begin with, they appear to be well under $50, thanks to a well-crafted metal case that looks great in any of the three finishes.

In terms of sound quality, they also outperform their peers. When you listen to Seasick Steve’s delightfully raw Happy (To Have a Job), the E10s show all of the room’s background noise as well as the subtle hiss of the unapologetically rough acoustic recording.

  • Great sound and audio clarity
  • Price
  • 7 sets of ear adaptors
  • Nice storage case
  • Mid range lacks a little punch
  • The stiff cable can tangle in storage

Final Thoughts

In case you didn’t notice, we think the SoundMAGIC E10 earphones are fantastic….really fantastic. The overall finish is excellent, with all of the components working together to create a well-designed product.

The sort of wire they’ve used is our only minor concern – we’d prefer something a little softer, but that’s a harsh judgement. They may not be as attractive as some of the more costly sets on the market, but they sound almost identical. You simply cannot go wrong for the price.

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