OneOdio A11 Headphone Review 2022

OneOdio A11 Headphone Review 2022

At first appearance, the OneOdio A11 appear to be good value for money. They even include chrome earcups to give them a more premium appearance.

Close scrutiny, however, reveals that things aren’t built to last. The plastic build and fragile-looking hinges are unsettling.Furthermore, the earpads rest on top of your ears, and because they’re stiffer, they quickly begin to hurt.

Unfortunately, the audio quality is also unimpressive. The sound is far too boomy, with little transparency or body.

The OneOdio headphones’ best feature is the microphone quality. It performs a decent job of keeping your speech clear and crisp.

Is the OneOdio A11 worth checking out if you’re on a tight budget of under $30? Read on for a more in-depth analysis.

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OneOdio A11 Headphone Performance

OneOdio A11 Headphone performance

The OneOdio A11s get a point back in this round. For the price, the bass is actually quite good. Warm and forceful is the best way to describe it. At this pricing point, we weren’t expecting such power. The ‘Super Bass’ setting not only boosts the bass but also adds a tactile quality to the sound.

Unfortunately, as you increase the level, the audio quality degrades significantly. As the A11 bombards your ears with dissonant noise, the mixes become murky and the concept of fidelity evaporates. We cannot recommend these for usage during a commute or in any other situation when outside noise may drive you to increase the volume. The mids and highs are adequate but not exceptional; they suffer from the same loss of authenticity as the lows and aren’t very spectacular to begin with.

In our testing, the Bluetooth connection has shown to be highly reliable, and we haven’t seen any decrease in audio fidelity when using the wireless connection option. Furthermore, we were satisfied with the battery life and charging speed. These might be worth considering if you need some really convenient headphones and aren’t concerned with superior audio quality, though there are better audio options available at this price point.

OneOdio A11 Headphone Design

The design is unimaginative in general; it resembles any other pair of on-ear headphones on the market today. That isn’t to suggest they aren’t attractive; the A11s simply lack distinctive design choices. OneOdio’s logo is in the centre of the earcups, which are ringed by densely knit textured concentric circles with a mirror image chamfered edge running around the outside, which we love. The cables that connect the earcups to the headband are visible, which gives the device a more vintage aesthetic. As a result, they are undefended and vulnerable to damage.

The headband is matte black with a small ‘OneOdio’ logo imprinted into it. The A11s are relatively unbranded, which is always a benefit. The earcups are spherical and on-ear, made of faux-leather. OneOdio has also wisely incorporated a little row of three bumps immediately above the left-hand side earcup to let you know if you’re putting them on incorrectly.

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OneOdio A11 Headphone Value

In my opinion, the A11 Bluetooth headphones are saved by their low price. There are some flaws, but nothing that is unreasonable for the price.

Most merchants sell these for $30-35, however OneOdio is selling them for $25 for the entire month of November. You’re technically paying $50 for one and getting one for free, which is a terrific way to obtain a new pair of headphones for a friend or family member.

If you don’t need the second pair, they’re also available on Amazon for a reasonable price–just like the OneOdio A30 we tested earlier.

So I’d like you to go back and mentally add “… but they’re $25” to all of my critiques. Although the audio is bass-heavy and might be mixed better, they are only $25. They may not fit properly and the craftsmanship feels weak, but they’re only $25. I’ve spent a lot more money on headphones that I’ve disliked.

I won’t dispute that spending an extra $40-50 on a pair of headphones will get you something better overall, but there have been moments in my life when a pair of headphones like these was all I could afford, and these are the greatest inexpensive headphones I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Good battery life (23 hours & 11 minutes)
  • Microphone quality
  • Decent comfort (despite on-ear design)
  • Support for multipoint
  • Bass-bloated sound
  • Cheap-feeling build
  • Micro-USB charging port

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the OneOdio A11 Bluetooth headphones, you must take price into consideration.

They’d be a letdown if they cost $50, as OneOdio’s site (kind of) implies. I’m honestly rather impressed for $25. Going in blind, I’d only give these three stars, but because of the pricing, I’m going to give them four stars.

If you don’t care about the quality of your audio and simply want something to listen to music and play games with, these headphones are a wonderful value.

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