KZ ZST Headphone Review 2022

KZ ZST Headphone Review 2022

There are several options available when buying for an In-Ear Monitor. There are several IEMS available for only a few bucks. There are a couple of others that will make your eyes water.

If you’re looking for an economical and high-quality set of In-Ear Monitors, the Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid In-Ear Earphones are a great option. In this market category, they are incredibly difficult to beat.

The KZ ZST In-Ear Monitors are Knowledge Zenith’s most recent and, in our opinion, best product.

So let’s see how fantastic this addition to their line is by taking a closer look in this Easy KZ ZST Review

KZ ZST Headphone Sound Quality

Sound quality is by far the most significant aspect when purchasing In-Ear Monitors, however it is by no means the only one. The question is, how do the Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrids perform for a relatively low-cost pair of In-Ear Monitors?

Let’s look at some of the features and specifications to see what we can learn.

These IEMs have two drivers with dynamic and balanced armatures. This driver separation improves the blend and quality of high and low frequencies. The simple KZ ZST Colorful Hybrids IEMs effectively implement this technology to deliver a nicely detailed sound.

Their use of sound separation is excellent, resulting in a well-balanced listening experience. The bass is punchy, the mids are silky, and the highs are clear.

The bass is tight and powerful, but not so heavy that it overpowers the rest of the mix. Despite their balance, these speakers produce a bass-heavy sound. All but the most bass-obsessed listener will be satisfied by this sound. The KZ ZSTs provide great bass balance and response for most musical genres. A response that was attained without the use of a bass boost.

The mids are smooth and warm in general. The middle and upper mids are given special attention. The lower mids are less prominent. As a result, while male vocals are well-centered, they may lack warmth, which is not the case with female vocals.

The highs are clean and precise, but they might sound a little bright at times. However, this is not to the point where it detracts greatly from an otherwise well-balanced sound. Furthermore, listening to high frequencies for long periods of time is neither annoying nor taxing.

The Easy Colorful Hybrids have an impedance of 18 ohms, a sensitivity of 106dB/mw, and a frequency response of 20Hz-20000Hz for the technically inclined. The latter is very useful if you want to put a pair in your pet bat’s ears. That should make for an enjoyable listening experience for them.

Overall, the KZ ZSTs provide excellent sound quality for a relatively low price.

KZ ZST Headphone Design and Features

The KZ ZST Colorful Hybrids stand out from the rest of the pack. They’re undoubtedly vibrant. People will be expecting you to be beamed up to the SS Enterprise at any moment because you seem futuristic. However, you’ll be noticed for more than just the color, as these have a very prominent profile. We can’t help but assume they resemble hearing aids. All of them are funky and futuristic.

They are compatible with any modern electronic gadgets that have a 3.5mm jack. They’re also appropriate for musicians that perform live on stage. A two-pin 120cm detachable cable is included. The cable is made of memory wire. This is ideal for wearing behind the ear and providing comfort.

One benefit of a detachable cable is the opportunity to replace it if it becomes damaged or worn. Another benefit of a detachable cable is that it allows the user to update the cable to one with greater sound quality. Knowledge Separately available from Zenith, the KZ ZST Colorful Hybrids manufacturer, is an outsourced authorized improved cable.

Alternative improved cables can be found in all of the normal retail shops.

The good news is that you can upgrade your IEMs to Bluetooth as well.

The cord for this model has a built-in microphone. It can be used to make and receive phone calls. Another useful phone feature, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is the ability to summon Google Assistant by holding the button down. When listening to music, it can also be used to play, pause, and skip tracks.

Three silicone tips are included in the package. In most cases, these should be sufficient to provide a high level of comfort and noise isolation. If not, you can easily replace them with foam substitutes. This may help some people achieve a better sound seal.

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KZ ZST Headphone Comfort and Build Quality

To this point, everything appears to be quite spectacular. Sound quality is excellent, and the functions and design quality are adequate. What about comfort and build quality, though? Is that equally as good?

Let’s start by looking at the materials used.

The hard shells themselves look to be constructed of a relatively inexpensive material. On the positive side, they appear to be fairly durable. However, it’s unclear how long the vibrant paint job will last.

Memory wire was used to construct the cable. It has a rubber covering on the outside. Reasonable enough, albeit it can be a little sticky to the touch at times. It’s also not the most durable of materials, so it may need to be changed in the future.

A two-pin mechanism connects the cord to the earbuds. Connecting and disconnecting is not easy. At some time, this could lead to wear concerns with the cable’s attachment point.

The ear tips are silicone and are very ordinary.

The earbuds are well-made, light, and comfortable to use in the ear. They are, as previously stated, a little bulky. Despite this, they are not uncomfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time. Most folks should be able to get a good fit using the silicone tips. If you need a better fit, you can easily change them with foam equivalents. Ear tips made of foam tend to seal better.

Finally, the memory wire with no tangles. The Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid In-ear Earphones have a traditional style that provides good comfort when worn behind the ear. Water resistance is provided by the rubber-coated no-tangle cable. We’re sure you’ll find it useful.

In conclusion, it appears that the materials utilized were compromised in some way. Given the pricing range they’re working with, this is to be expected. However, this appears to have had only a little impact on the product’s endurance, with no discernible effect on the listeners’ comfort.

  • Amazing value
  • Great sound
  • Removable cable
  • Comfortable fit
  • All-plastic construction

Final Thoughts

The KZ ZST IEMs provide excellent value for money.

Sound quality will always be our top priority, and it will most likely be yours as well. With that in mind, the bottom line is that these IEMs sound fantastic.

Their main strength is that they can provide a well-balanced listening experience across a wide spectrum of musical genres. Without a doubt, for all you bargain hunters out there, these are an excellent choice.

They’re also kind of cool. Knowledge Zenith’s Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid In-Ear Earphones are yet another fantastic product.

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