Koss KSC75 Headphones Review 2022

Koss KSC75 Headphones Review 2022

The KSC75 produces a well-balanced tone. They feature good Mid Range frequency reproduction, so instruments and vocals sound full and balanced throughout the mix. They lack some bass and their treble range is variable, so some music may sound extremely harsh.

Despite the small ear cups, they offer a fair Soundstage because to their open design, making them a nice budget option for neutral listening, but they won’t be perfect for Bass enthusiasts.

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Koss KSC75 Headphones Performance

The KSC75s can take a lot of punishment, despite their delicate appearance. The housings’ plastics aren’t very high-quality, and the clips do come loose now and then, mainly when they get caught on something, but they’re simple to reattach. Long-term durability is remarkable, and Koss’s outstanding lifetime warranty merits special mention.

They appear ungainly at first and aren’t very well secured. The clips, on the other hand, may be twisted to fit your ears and stay in place extremely nicely. My ears feel sore from the clips after extended periods of use, but they’re incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time – the clip-on design eliminates headband strain, and the open, foam-padded earcups don’t cause sweating.

The KSC75s are open headphones, so you won’t be isolated from your surroundings. As a result, they are less than ideal on noisy buses, trains, aeroplanes, and other vehicles. However, they are ideal for hearing outside hazards, such as while jogging or in relatively quiet environments (e.g. home, coffee shop, park).

The KSC75s stand out for their openness and depth of sound. They do practically everything right for the price — instrument separation is startling for a phone this budget, the midrange is full-sounding, and the highs are plentiful and occasionally shine. The bass is a little muddy and unrefined, and it doesn’t go very low; instead, it creeps up on the lower midrange. The top-end extension is also average, albeit it outperforms the majority of headphones in this price range. For an open headphone, the soundstaging is quite intimate, and the overall presentation is rather forward and aggressive. Because of the 60 Ohm impedance, these are incredibly forgiving and may be used without hiss straight from nearly any source.

Koss KSC75 Headphones Design

Let’s be straightforward with each other. The KSC75 look and feel every bit as cheap as they are. Silver plastic never appears to be high-end or expensive. Yes, there are unfortunate parallels to be drawn with the free headsets provided on aeroplanes. The design’s highlight is the clear rubber-covered metal ear clips, which are smooth and sturdy.

The plastic driver enclosure used on the KSC35 and Porta Pro is different. It’s curved rather than flat (which means there’s more internal volume) and has larger vents all the way around the back. The KSC75’s appearance is entirely functional, but it is unlikely to appeal to fashionistas.

Because the driver mounting mechanism is the same as on the Porta Pro and the KSC35, the bands and clips can be swapped out. This standardisation allows for a wide range of customization and personalization options for consumers. The low-cost Parts Express headband keeps the KSC75’s light weight while also converting it to a standard headband style.

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Koss KSC75 Headphones Value

At their pricing point, the Koss KSC75s offer an unrivalled combination of convenience, durability, comfort, and exceptional sound quality. The sound is strong and forward, with plenty of bass and treble. They can also be used as a (disposable) gateway to headphone modification, as a backup or gym pair, or as a decent-sounding loaner phone. Every head phone needs a pair (or two).

  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Great stability thanks to ear hooks
  • Excellent, balanced sound that exceeds the price
  • No inline controls
  • Not the most durable

Final Thoughts

The KSC75’s value proposition is impossible to dispute or dismiss. They’ve earned their reputation as portable audio’s best bang for the buck. Their sound quality rivals that of much more costly headphones, and they perform much beyond the benchmark set for their price point.

But that only applies to items under $100 (or so). More expensive headphones offer higher sound quality, more premium materials, a better build, and significantly superior aesthetics as you progress up the headphone ladder. If pricing is the most important component in your decision, the KSC75 is one of the few alternatives with this kind of price-performance ratio.

The KSC75 has a polished, audiophile sound that is more suited to critical listening than rattling your skull with enhanced bass. They’re an excellent choice for audiobooks that require clarity and vocal presence. Even if it’s just to see what all the hype is about, the KSC75 are worth picking up for any budding audiophile, even if it’s just to see what all the hoopla is about.

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